#4 Vote

On the week of your birth, a newspaper published a poll that blamed ‘fury’ as the main reason for young people no longer voting.  Yes, we have a huge problem with people not voting in this country.  Often they’ll say it’s because they don’t know who to vote for, or it doesn’t make a difference, or that they are ‘furious’ with politicians. The thing is, I really don’t believe boycotting voting is the answer.

In this country, not even that long ago, many brave women died in securing the vote for women (your Mum will no doubt make you watch Mary Poppins countless times, so you’ll know about the suffragettes, but do research about them a little more as it wasn’t all jolly hockey sticks as Mrs Banks may lead you to believe) .  In 2013 women in Saudi Arabia still do not have the right to vote or stand for office, as it stands they are set to be able to vote for the first time in the 2015 elections,  so by the time you read this we’ll know if it came about.

If you don’t know who to vote for, read the leaflets for every party (you’ll get loads through the front door.)  Or google them, to see what their policies are.  Or come and ask me, and I’ll outline each party for you (and I vow I’ll tell it as it is factually, without any biased persuasion towards any of the parties.)

I love going to vote.  If it seems scary the first time,  (I was quite nervous, but it’s really straightforward) I’ll come with you.

Please, make the effort.  It should be a right for everyone, everywhere, but it isn’t, and so many people take that for granted.

So even if you reach a point where you don’t know who to vote for, think it won’t make a difference, or feel furious with politicians, then do it still, as a mark of respect to those that came before us that fought for us to have the right, and for those that still may not.


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