#6 Be a Do-er, not a Say-er

Sometimes people say things like:  ‘I’m going to write a play’, ‘I’m going to make a film,’, ‘I’m going to start going to the gym,’ or ‘I’m going to learn to play the sax.’  And then never do.  Just do it.  Half the joy I’ve found, is not even telling people you’re going to do it.  Just rock up having already done it, the results are far more rewarding.

Your mum is an amazing do-er. I’m hit and miss.  I say I’ll do loads of stuff, and manage about two thirds of it.  But I’ve never known Mama Ponch say she was going to do something and not see it through.  Like learning to drive.   Or studying at Central.  Or going to live in Greece.  She’s a do-er and if she doesn’t plan to do it, then she doesn’t say she will.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.  There’s nothing stopping you but excuses.     So run the marathon, write the book, learn how to speak Italian.  Whatever it is you want to do, do it.  Set the alarm, get out of bed, you need nothing more than determination and a willingness to work hard.  Be ambitious with your doing, even if it seems crazy, or big and beyond you, give it a try anyway- better to live life trying, than to live life being scared of failing (so not trying.)   And if you need any extra help or support, then that’s what we’re all here for!

My advice is start today, not tomorrow.  Doing ten minutes of whatever it is you want to do today, is better than spending ten seconds saying you’ll do it tomorrow.  And getting started is always the hardest part!


In 2010 your mum said she was going to qualify in Drama and Theatre Education (leading theatre workshops with children.)  In 2011 I said I was going to start a theatre company.  This is us in 2013, she lead pre-show workshops for a show I’d directed with my theatre company.  Us doing, not saying.  It was amazing to work together.  (And that’s you in her tummy!)

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