#9 Princesses can rescue themselves

When I watch the classic Disneys, I want to shout at the princesses.  They get cursed and poisoned, pricked, tricked, duped and imprisoned, innocent victims with their peachy cheeks and lightly curled locks. Victims to their princes that ride in on a horse with a happy ever after tucked in to their scabbard, next to a perfectly polished, non-bloodied sword.  Now these are great films Lottie, and yes, watch them all.  But don’t go getting any ideas.  Princesses don’t need rescuing.  All they need is a little common sense.  Accepting food gifts from strangers and venturing in to dark forests alone is always a bad idea.  You need to take initiative on these things.  Swim a little, run a little.  Stay fit and healthy enough to escape any scrapes.  Own a toolbox.  Maybe a piece of rope.   And don’t spend your every waking (and sleeping) moment waiting for a prince.  He, or she whoever they may be, will arrive at the exact right time.  But until then, there’s loads to be getting on with.

I’d much rather read (or write) the Rapunzel where she engineers a pulley system from flagstones and bed linen, careering past the prince while he’s still figuring out how to rescue her.  Or the Cinderella that has the guts to stay at the party after midnight and let the Prince see her exactly as she is, without the pretty dress on, and realising that if he doesn’t like her, then he clearly wasn’t good enough in the first place.  Or the Snow White, that doesn’t wake up when the Prince kisses her, but instead when her best friend from school returns from the deepest darkest rainforest where she managed to locate the only anti-venom on the planet that will reverse the damage done by the witches poison. #justsayin

(Hashtags will need to go in the glossary.  Just in case we get bored of using them by the time you read this.)

You’re lucky to have been born in to the world of the Brave and Epic Disney princesses.  A world that has begun to wake up to the fact that princesses probably don’t need rescuing.  They can do it themselves. If you want to look anywhere for a role model, look to these Princesses.  Not the Auroras, or the Snow Whites or the Rapunzels.  My honest advice though, would be look to the real word for your role models; there are so many amazing women out there who you can take your inspiration from, a hundred thousand princesses that did not need rescuing.


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