#12 Wear a costume

If given the chance.  Wear a costume.  And don’t worry about looking cool.

Life is far to fleeting to take it too seriously, fill it with fun, silliness and laughter at every possible opportunity.  Costumes are great for this.


(Elphaba and Glinda 2006)

Costumes with friends are also great fun.  I love a good costume shopping session.  Also, maybe own a costume box?  My friends bought me one for my 22nd birthday and I’ve had it ever since.  I always whip it out at parties or special occasions, and have yet to have a negative response for it.  People go mad for a ginger curly wig, a shell bra and a few feather boas!


Me and your Ma acting out the nativity in my living room, 2011, for no-ones enjoyment but our own.

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