#14 A compliment is a gift

It took me ages to learn this Lottie.  I used to feel shy about compliments, either because I didn’t feel I’d earned them. or deserved them, or even when I did, I felt embarrassed that someone had noticed.  Actually, none of this matters.

Last year, a friend taught me a really valuable lesson.  A compliment is a gift.  If someone presented you with a gift, you would never refuse it, not in a million years.  Do the same with your compliments, however you feel.  The person has taken the time to observe you, and has stepped up to share their positive observations.  Receive the compliment, look them in the eye and thank them.  Their words are a gift, how wonderful they chose to share them with you.

tom sweets

 Tom giving out sweets on Christmas eve 2011, a great gift! Even the non-chocolate eaters eat the chocolate when Tom’s in charge of distribution.  You are only a few months younger than his little sister Tilly, I’m sure the three of you will have some fantastic adventures together.


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