#16 Shoes aren’t everything

They really aren’t, but, a good pair can make you feel great on a special occasion.

Don’t feel obliged to follow so-called shoe etiquette, if you want to wear Doc Martens to your Leavers Ball, then you do that, gorgeous girl!    My friend Sophia got married in a pair of pink crocs.  Most people are outraged when I mention this, but it’s who she is.  And if there was ever a day to be true to your shoe-desires, surely it should be your wedding day?

Here is a Shoe-tale for you; a tale of not-beautiful shoes, beautiful shoes and a (sort-of) fairy godmother.

It starts on my first ever press night in London.  I was in a show and press night is the night when all the press come in to review the show and everyone stays for drinks after.  Everyone else in the show was talking on Facebook about what press night shoes they were going to wear that evening.  Now I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, it was the Black Uggs or the flowery Doc Martens, and for just once, I longed to have a pair of something a bit classy, something with a heel, laced with charisma, chic, sexy, unique.    I had nothing of the sort, and 6 hours until I had to be at the theatre.  I trawled the Putney charity shops, with no luck; nothing in my size, nothing chic or unique to speak of. It was fine, but I would never ever have another first press night in London, and everyone else had heels.  I gave up.  On my way to the theatre my friend (and the director of the show) Stella texted, she had a pair of shoes, and I could wear them, if they fitted.   I expended a lot of energy in to wishing they would.

Skip two hours later.

I walked in to the theatre.  There on the stage, in a spotlight were the most beautiful pair of shoes I had ever seen.  And, they fitted (wishing works?)  After the show, I wore them for the whole of press night, the most beautiful pair of shoes I’d ever worn (and the highest heels).  I loved them, Stella said I could keep them and now I have them tucked away in my wardrobe, ready for another very special occasion.

So, because someone did this for me, and I know how much it mattered, I will do the same for you. When you are older, on one special occasion, if you don’t have shoes, just ask, and I’ll make sure you have some. Because although shoes don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, they can make a difference on those special evenings!



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