#17 Be Prepared to be Surprised


Sometimes the things we weren’t expecting are more brilliant than the things we were. Welcome these things with open arms, explore them, tear them apart and put them back together in your own order, but whatever you do, don’t ignore them.  If you turn them away, you’ll never uncover their true potential.

As thinkers, we’re all very good at trying to predetermine results, set expectations, know (or think we know) what we want to happen.  Hold these ideas lightly, and be prepared to let them drift on the breeze if something better for you, at that time gets blown in your direction. Don’t restrict yourself, open up your head and your heart to all possibilities; when you start to do that, ANYTHING is possible.

Sometimes you’ll get the feeling that you are doing the right things at the right time, and you’re not sure why, but you’ll feel that you are. And it’s learning to listen to THAT intuition, and not to your head telling you other things that it thinks you should be doing. I can’t teach you how to do this, but I can listen if you want to talk thinks through while you’re finding your answers.

Image(Photo taken at D and D 2014.  This is a principal of Open Space, which I will talk more about in the future, because it’s great.)


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