#19 Everybody’s a bit weird, and that’s okay.

We are all incredibly weird Lottie, but my oh my, are we wonderful.    We are each a teeny, tiny miracle.  The odds of being born are so unbelievably minuscule, that it’s a wonder that any of us exist.  Now, a little science lesson for you. Only 1% of a man’s sperm is capable of fertilizing an egg, and there are only six days in the month in which a woman can conceive, so it’s very much all down to timing.  Any other sperm meeting any other egg, would result in an entirely different person.  So for every one of us that does exist, there are millions of versions of our(sort-of)selves that didn’t, a whole world of people that never were, who were but a whisper of a possibility.

So don’t for a second think you are not special, or wonderful, or amazing.  You are a walking, talking, thinking, laughing, crying, breathing, jumping, skipping, sleeping, smiling miracle.

We are all different, we are all unique, and occasionally we’re a all little weird.  Weirdness is beautiful.  Difference is wonderful.  I used to get called horrible names at school for being ginger; I was different to everyone else in the class, back then I’d have given anything to be a brunette.  Now, I’m grateful for this difference.  At times in your life you may be different, and if other people don’t respect that, then they’re not worth knowing.  And likewise, never pull someone else up on their differences.  Appreciate and celebrate everyone’s unique attributes, the things that make them, them.  Remember everyone is a miracle.  We are all wonderful, and we are ALL completely weird. To prove it, here are a few of my weirdnesses:

– I do vocal warm ups whilst walking to the train station if it seems like no one’s within ear shot.

– For years I thought looking at orange things could potentially give me a headache (see blog #2 for rational explanation of this.)

– When I edit film footage, I hold my breath and have nearly passed out a couple of times as a result of this.

– When I’m stressed, I occasionally start to think in rhyme.

– Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I get too excited about writing my blog.

– I write loads of songs on my piano, specifically for me to enjoy. I have no intention of sharing them with anyone.

See?  I’m weird.  Now, we’ve all known this for years, so as with any good experiment, I decided to to extend my research a little further to see if there was more weirdness out there.  I asked my nearest and dearest to share their weirdnesses with me, here are a few of my faves:

– I am practically nocturnal

– I call myself Chloe if I meet someone I don’t like.

– When I was younger I used to imagine I was Mrs White (of Cluedo fame) hosting a TV cookery programme as I made my breakfast each morning. Sometimes I still do.

-When I was little on holiday at the seaside  my dad used to say ” The tide will be going out soon ” I thought it never went out because I thought the  waves all turned round and went the other way , and I only ever saw them crashing onto the shoreline.

– I once heard that if you’re finding it difficult to wee in public, you should do a difficult maths sum in your head to take your mind off things. Because of this, whenever I stand at a urinal, whether I’m finding it difficult or not (and I very rarely do), I automatically start dividing my burglar alarm code by random numbers.

– The nerves in my hand must somehow be inexplicably linked to those in my eye because for some reason whenever I shake someone’s hand, I wink at them.

– If I have a lot to do at home (and there is no one around) I will talk to myself about what I need to do in a really Brummy / Black Country accent to stay focused .

– I conduct the classical radio station in my car

– When using my phone or laptop in bed in the morning or evening, I tend to do this with the duvet over my head.

– I used to openly use earwax as a simile to some tastes… ‘Oh that tastes like ear wax.’

– Hubby and I used to do slow motion Kung -Fu fights in the kitchen with slow motion Kung fu action noises  …….it was OK though cos the neighbours just thought we were doing Tai Chi !!!!

– My kneecaps are in the wrong place (they’re too high up my leg).

– Every time I play the lottery I fantasise about winning and therefore how I’d spend £10 million and am deeply upset when I don’t. I try not to play anymore.

– I eat mayonnaise with every meal. Even curry.

– On one of my morning jogs, I started screaming “Help, please don’t hurt me. I’ll give you all my bananas” whilst running away from another jogger, to make it look like he was after me.

– Usually when I’m stuck in traffic and bored, I wind down the window, stare at the sky and scream really loudly pretending there’s a birds eye view camera in the sky focused just on me.

– I sometimes find myself just counting in my head. I don’t know what I’m counting and I don’t always start at 1.

– I tap dance in supermarkets. Can’t help it. It just happens. Also happens if I’m wearing clogs, or roller skates.

– I’m scared of inflated rubber balloons.

– I cannot get into a bed wearing jeans, no matter what. Other trousers are fine, but never jeans.

– I tend to count stairs as I go up or down them. Until I realise I’m doing it, and then I stop.

– I do maths instinctively in my head. An answer just pops out, but then I mistrust it and have to do working out.

-I clean and tidy relentlessly when I’m at home. Some people might think I have OCD but actually, I don’t think I do. It’s a fine line but it’s totally under control.

– I often catch myself watching the washing machine after I’ve turned it on.

Lottie, these are some of the most brilliant people I know.  And even they have weirdnesses.  I’ve discovered that true friends are never loved in spite of their weirdnesses, you love them because of their weirdnesses! *

(*As well as all the other amazing, wonderful, brilliant things that make them, them.)



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