#20 Ask the barista how their day is

We often charge around from place to place, blinded by our daily schedules, completely oblivious to those around us, those quietly helping our days run a little bit better.

So when you’re buying your morning coffee, grabbing new shoes on your lunch break or having a cheeky vino on your way home from work, thank the barista / sales assistant / bar tender, and ask them how their day is, because, just like you, they are another human being, also having a day.

The ‘Has it been a busy day?’ thing:

It’s totally clichéd, but my friend Briony taught me this and it’s a great conversation starter.  After asking them how they are, ask if it’s been a busy day.  That one little phrase bridges the gap between superficial pleasantries, to full, fast flowing conversation, I promise (I’m not sure how, but it has yet to let me down, and I’ve been using it for two years now).  Before long you’ll be chatting away and it will be an enjoyable exchange, rather than some of the monosyllabic exchanges I have previously witnessed at the Caffé Nero counter.  Enjoy these moments, they can brighten yours and somebody else’s day, because actually, life is much better when you aim to have a good relationship with EVERYONE that crosses your path (and you theirs).  

(Between you and me Lottie, last week I got free coffee in Pret, just because I asked the man how his day was; he said I was the first person to ask (at 4pm!!!!) so didn’t charge me.  And Briony has a life time supply of free frozen yoghurt at London Bridge Nandos for the same reason.  I am CERTAINLY NOT advocating being nice solely to get free stuff, but occasionally, if you’re nice to others, you’ll find they’re equally as nice back.)

Respect everyone.  Take the time to value those making your day easier and more enjoyable.

ImageCoffee Time!!!  Santa Monica 2004.

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