#21 Don’t let people live in your head rent free

Your Uncle Simon once taught me this saying a long time ago and it changed my whole outlook on things.  If someone doesn’t value or respect you and your life, don’t fight them, don’t get worked up about it, don’t spend hours plotting revenge or acting out conversations you wish you could have.  Just let them go.  Step backwards, respect your life, respect theirs and let them go.  As long as they’re living in your head, they’re only causing you harm, whilst they’re probably not even aware of it. Save your head space for those that truly deserve it; those who are worth filling your thoughts and your time with.

Life is bizarre.  It’s long, and it’s short.  It is certainly too short for some things.  Love all of those that mean something to you and don’t forget to tell them you love them, sadly it’s sometimes easily forgotten in the rush of life.  Never let the sun go down on an argument.  We are on loan to each other, what a wonderful privilege that we have been given this time together, so make every moment count, remember what’s important and what’s not.  Happiness is important. Both yours and others.  Look after people. and we’ll all look after you.

If you spend your time loving those that are dear to you, you won’t have any time to worry about the people that weren’t as great to you.  Share your smiles, your laughs, your jokes, your thoughts, your observations, your hugs, your kisses, your time and your advice, they cost nothing. Be generous with how much of your spirit you give, you are wonderful and it would be selfish not to share every ounce of your brilliance with those around you.


A whole table of people we love loads.  Can’t wait for you to get to know them all as you get older!

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