#22 Nobody is boring

And that means, nobody.

There are as many life stories in this world as there are people, and every single one is worth a listen to.  Sometimes I get a little sad over the fact I will never live long enough to hear them all, but I listen to the ones I can.

If you ever think someone’s telling you a boring story, listen a little harder.  There will be something to learn somewhere in their story, listen for it, pinpoint it.  Think, find the things you’re curious about, ask questions.  No one is boring.

Sometimes people need to be listened to, sometimes they just need to tell their story. Be patient.  Be a good listener.  Be a good talker too.  But listening is a skill.

You can learn something from every single person on the planet (you probably won’t have time to, but in theory, you could.)  Every single person you meet will know something that you don’t, enjoy learning from the thousands of people you’ll come across through the stages of your life.  And enjoy sharing your stories with those around you, because you also will know things that we don’t know.  None of us are boring.


Your mummy tells us another long and boring story.

JOKING!  Your mummy is NEVER boring.  This was her 21st birthday,  it was while I was living in LA in 2008, so she came to visit.  It’s about 3am in this photo and we’d been partying since 9am  (It was also the day she got the tattoo on her wrist.)

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