#25 Never wire money

Just don’t.  If anyone ever asks you to, it’s most likely a con.

Know this about money wiring:

1. Wiring money is like handing someone cash, once it’s gone to them, you can’t get it back.

2.  It’s untraceable.  If you send it to someone sketch, it’s really difficult for the police to trace them, it’s unlikely you’ll ever see it again.

3. You get a number on the slip you receive when you wire money, if anyone else gets hold of that number, they can intercept the money.

Of course, if you know  someone well, and they ask you to wire money, it’s probably okay, but also unlikely.  It’s normally used as a way to send money from country to country, in England you can just transfer to another bank account (which is then, of course, quite traceable.)

If anyone asks you to wire money, let your alarm bells ring loud and clear.  Ask lots of questions, and don’t do it, unless you’re 100% sure it’s okay.

Image(And people asking you to wire money.)


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