#26 Live your life with the determination of an eyebrow

People always laugh at me when I say this, BUT it’s actually very logical.

Once you reach a certain age Lottie, you may decide to pluck your eyebrows.

Here’s what’ll happen.  You’ll pluck. You’ll be happy with the result.  The very next morning you’ll notice mild growth.  The following morning you’ll notice slightly more growth.  Less than a week later they will arrive back, seemingly unperturbed by the plucking and feistier than ever before.  I have been plucking for thirteen years now, the older I get, the more ferocious my eyebrow regrowth.  Eyebrows NEVER give up.  Neither should you.

Whatever it is you want to do, go at it, 200% and of course, you’ll get meet obstacles along the way (being plucked). Each time you meet obstacles:  knock downs, knock backs, ‘Nos,’ ‘Not nows’ and shut doors, you have a choice: you can be a quitter, or, you can be an eyebrow.  You can choose to bounce back (regrow) feistier, with ferocious determination, better and stronger than you were before.  It’s hard, of course, but you can do it.

Sometimes my eyebrows will have a successful reign, as will I (at something or another:  I get a new job, my theatre project gets funding etc)  Then plucking happens, life happens – I didn’t get the other job I applied for, the agent sent my manuscript back with a massive pencil ‘NO’ on the front cover, the Arts Council didn’t give me funding, and so on.  I take it, I smile, and I brace myself for the regrowth, which will be more glorious and more determined than ever before.  (I didn’t learn this lesson easily.  It took years, I can still get better at it.)

The thing about eyebrows is they never learn.  (If I were an eyebrow I’d grow somewhere secret, like on the bottom of a foot, then I’d be much more difficult to pluck.)  The joy about people is that we do learn, we grow stronger as we over come our obstacles (our pluckings).  Take each plucking as a lesson, a gift, an opportunity to grow.


Overcoming Obstacles.  The time a hole (and a Digger) appeared in Jamie’s office…

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