#31 “If you don’t make mess, you don’t make nothing.”

As my wise friend Paul used to say to me.  (In a Yorkshire accent.)

He’s so very right, on a practical and a metaphorical level.

Firstly, actual tangible mess:  glitter, glue, cake mix, mud, sand, blanket dens, cookie dough, ice-cream, bits of paper, shadow screens, the moving house game*, piles and piles of dressing up clothes, facepaints, ice-lollies, snow, parties and chocolate spread.  All very, very messy.  All very, very fun.  Do all of these things (probably not at the same time), because the fun, the memories and the creations they will bear are sure to be wonderful!

The other kind of mess, the metaphorical messes, are the ones we can learn valuable lessons from.  Perhaps, also known (sometimes, but not always) as mistakes.  Sometimes mess finds us even when we’re not intentionally looking for it and sometimes it feels out of our control.  Don’t be scared of any of these messes (or do, but also look to the positives), as they too have the potential to bear wonderful things.  Don’t be deterred, find a way forward and you can learn from it. It are these kinds of messes that make us better at what we do and transform us in to better versions of ourselves.

At the end of the day we can mop up the spilled glue, wipe away the flour, wash off the facepaint and fold away the dressing up clothes: all is back, as all should be.  In the same way, if you handle your bigger messes by taking responsibility and doing all that’s in your power to fix them, they too have the potential to be tidied, making you a little wiser along the way, and perhaps even shifting your outlook on things.

It’s always better to make the mess and make something, than stay neat and tidy.  That’s what I say.

(* Moving house was my Mama’s least favourite game.  It involved me moving all of my toys and belongings from my bedroom, in to the hallway.  Then usually getting bored and leaving them there.  It’s a great game though, we should play it sometime!)

mess-page-001(L-R Mummy and Sarah’s face-paint Mess, Nacho Mess, More face-paint mess)


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