#33 Sit in the front row

Of the theatre, the log flume, the lecture hall.

Taking a backseat may feel safer, but it’s not half as fun.

If you sit in the front row of the theatre, lean in and become captured in the world onstage, there’s no barrier between the two of you; how exciting.  A lot of people are afraid of the front row, don’t be; seize it, be bold and take that seat in the middle at the front, you deserve it as much as anyone else.

Sit at the front of class; immerse yourself in the lesson.  At university I used to take the front row when I could.  The lack of distance immediately helps you to engage more and take from the most from the experience.  Lean in, find an interest.  Your enjoyment of something is half down to how much you invest in it.

Sit at the front of the log flume.  You’ll get the wettest.  Wetter is better.

Life Lesson #33b:  Never make your Auntie Spudge go on a log flume.  I hate them.  Like, REALLY hate them.  See if you can spot the stupidly terrified looking person in these photos!  It’s me.  This is the only time I will not take the front seat, I won’t take any seat.  This may seem contradictory, but I do take the front seat at all other opportunities, just not log flumes.  You’ll probably love them though!  Most people seem to…



With various lovely chums on rides at Universal, LA 2004.  Terrified, horrified, not having much fun at all… But glad I can laugh at it all now.


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