#39 You don’t know everything

Thank goodness, what a burden that would be.

I have no doubt that you will be intelligent and streetwise and intuitive, but you won’t know everything. Listen to learn from others, always, not just in your school days.  Celebrate your strengths and areas of expertise and be generous in sharing these with those you meet.  Through listening, sharing and collaboration we can achieve beautiful, wonderful things.

In any situation, remember that whoever you are working or discussing with, every single person has something useful to bring, no matter how young or old, whether they’ve studied quantum physics or contemporary drama, whether they share your political views or not; you can learn from everyone you meet, as there is a guarantee that they will know things that you don’t.  Give the opinions, ideas and thoughts of others’ due consideration.

Collaboration is the way forward, we are stronger when we work together.  No one person knows how to build a house.  It takes one person to know how to make bricks and another to make glass and another to import building materials, with a builder to lay the foundations.  An electrician  wires the electrics, a plumber builds the water systems, and a decorator makes it look nice.  By pooling their collective knowledge these people are capable of astonishing achievements.  As are you.


 A cheeky leapfrog over my friend Rez, while visiting my old University in 2013.

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