#41 Back Up your work

Lottie, for a heart-fluttering twenty minutes last night, I thought I’d somehow accidently deleted your blog.  I’ve been publishing it online , and when I went to find it yesterday evening, my computer said the webpage no longer existed.  So, what was the first thing I did?  I had a loud and public panic on Facebook (of course).  At which your ma ran to my rescue and assured me, it was still there.

Then my brilliant friend Jen copied it all and emailed it to me, so now I have it backed up.  And will continue to email myself every entry, so should I accidently delete it (which is the sort of thing I’d do).

Do the same for your work.  If on a computer, save it as you go!  If it’s a huge document, email it to yourself regularly or save it to a hard drive (goodness knows why I’m telling you this, by the time you need to know, you’ll probably have a microchip inserted in to your finger which stores all of your most important documents on it.)  Whatever, if it’s important work, make sure you have it stored in two places, just in case.

Any hoo, the blog’s still out there, I can get to it on one server, but not another, technology baffles me again.  However, all’s well that ends well.


A scene from my bedroom, last night.

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