#45 Learn to dance in the rain

Now I’m sure there’s some wonderful philosophical quote about this somewhere, but I’m not plying you with metaphorical mush.  This blog is much more about the practical advice, the day to day stuff.

We live in a country where it will rain approximately 175 days a year and often it feels utterly relentless.  I find it helps if I try to remember the good it’s doing (not always, sometimes it floods, and then it’s horrible for people, but otherwise speaking), we are lucky to live in a fertile and fruitful land.  In some countries, stuff just doesn’t grow because the sun’s too hot and the rain’s too sparse.

Getting caught out in a shower is inevitable, and I used to let it ruin my day; my clothes would be wet, my hair would go frizzy, my mascara would run and I’d become a great big ball of miserable.  And then one day, I changed my attitude towards it.  I chose to change one tiny attitude and as a result a whole lot of my miserable evaporated:  I decided not to let the rain bother me anymore.  Rain is rain is rain.  Stop for a moment, and observe it.  It’s amazing.  Wear wellies and splash through puddles.  Catch a handful, watch it drop.  And above all (for when your older) find your stress-free rain hairstyle (the one that when it gets wet, it just doesn’t matter.   I find that mousse can help with this.)  The rule in England is always carry a brolley, unless it’s the height of summer.  Oh and (serious Auntie face), wet clothes are bad for you, so if you do get caught out, find a way to dry off ASAP; once inside it’s all about radiators and hot chocolate.

And remember, all rain dries eventually, even the torrential variety.


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
Vivian Greene

(See, I knew there was a quote about rain somewhere…)

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