#46 There is plenty of success to be had by everyone

Your success is not limited by the success of others.  Sometimes it’s easy to feel disheartened or bitter when you see other people doing better than you, seemingly achieving more and climbing further up that so-called ladder of success.  Bitterness and jealousy are unattractive qualities, and ultimately, the only person they harm is you; we are happier when we don’t measure ourselves against others.

Celebrate the successes and achievements of those around you, revel in their joy.  Their success does not hinder you from reaching yours.  As my wise friend Briony Price once put it: “We are all on course to our own Neverland, and no one steers our ship but us.”  Neverland is your destination, and you can take whatever course you will.   Other people reaching their Neverlands will not stop you reaching yours, it is reserved just for you!

So root for others, support your friends in achieving their goals, and likewise, enjoy celebrating when you reach yours, which you will.  You have a lifetime of successes to live out, how utterly exciting, and I look forward to celebrating some of them with you!

ImageLooking out to our Neverland.  A photo from my Italy days.


3 thoughts on “#46 There is plenty of success to be had by everyone

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