#47 Be a tourist in your own town

We have the habit, nowadays of travelling far and wide, but rarely take the time to explore our own towns and cities.  I have lived in London for just over three years now and I have never been on The London Eye, or to Tower Bridge, or even to see Westminster (Actually, I think I got lost outside the houses of parliament after a Christmas party a couple of years ago, trying to find my way home.  But let’s not count that.)

So, here’s what to do, make some cheese and pickle sandwiches (alongside other classic packed-lunch favourites,) grab a few friends, and a camera, and set out to learn about the place you live in.

If you stay in Warwick, there’s a whole bunch of awesome stuff to do.   There are fields galore to picnic in, a canal to walk, a castle to dream in and a castle wall to run alongside.  There’s an excellent theatre, with shows performed only by young people. St John’s Museum,  St Marys Church.  The Lord Leycester hospital. There are cosy pubs, with local ales and yummy food.  See these places, they’re a part of your heritage, and if take your mum, she’ll tell you stories galore:  she knows her historical fiction / fictional truth / non-fiction like no one else I know.


Me and your ma, freezing our boobies of at the top of St Mary’s Church Tower, just after Christmas 2011.  But it worth it for this view:





And us (with our friend Helena) on discovering a lamp post in a back street in Warwick.  We thought it looked rather Narnia, so pulled out our best Mr Tumnus impressions…

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