#49 Silliness does not have to diminish with age

Ah Lottie, life is such a brief walk in the light between two dark places (mostly Joan Littlewood’s words.  Not mine.)  She’s right of course.  Never get too serious.  Serious stuff happens, yes, and there are times when serious is good.  But there are times when silly is better.  As that old saying goes:  growing old is compulsory, growing up isn’t.  For me, the silly, the obscure and the fun are brighter flashes in my walk through the light.

Silly things we’ve done:

1. Staged a nativity in my living room.



2. Put our faces in a cake



3. Made human pyramids at most parties



4.Played chicken in the sea in LA, and lost


5. Made fifty cutouts of Simon’s face and stuck them all over the apartment as a nice surprise for when he came home.


6.  Staged serious Mushroom dip competitions in to pool in Lanzarote.


7.  Buried ourselves in a pile of leaves at Elephant and Castle


8.  Used the bingo markers at a bingo night irresponsibly.


9. Fought over kids toys at a party, right before the handstand competition.


10. Zip-wired (You are never too old to zip-wire!)


And carried out general acts of silliness at most opportunities to this date.

I am silly.  I got told off at school for being silly, but, I will never stop being silly!






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