#53 Tell people if they’ve got a bogey

There’s nothing worse than getting home from a night out and realising you had a bogey on the end of your nose, lipstick on your teeth, mascara smeared down your face, spaghetti on your chin or spinach stuck between your teeth.  You look in the mirror and think ‘how utterly embarrasing,’ and then ‘why did nobody tell me?’  Because let’s face it, someone must have noticed, were probably thinking about it every time they spoke to you, but were too polite to mention it to you.

The thing is, it’s not even about politeness, it’s this (British?) awkwardness we seem to harbour.  If I notice something, I politely and discreetly tell the person.  There’s a possible moment of having to deal with them feeling a tiny bit embarrased, but I think this is much better than the unspoken embarrassment that happens later on when no one says anything.

I know that my most trusted friends will tell me if something is slightly amiss with my appearance.  And I applaud them for this.  So bite the bullet and say something, you’ll be a more respected friend for doing so.

And also, carry a mirror around so you can have a discreet check that you’re all good while out and about.  I could be better at this.  Sometimes I’ll go for hours without looking in a mirror and spend all day walking around with half my lunch smeared across my face.



(This is how I feel when people don’t tell me about this stuff.)


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