#54 Never stop telling people you love them

Now Lottie, when you’re older you may choose to have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend or you may choose to be single.  All three are beautifully valid life choices.  And at different phases of your life, you may experience all of these.

Now I’m not necessarily the best person in the world be be doling out this advice, but some friends celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary yesterday.  They have been married for as long as I’ve been alive.  To me, that is unfathomable!  And wonderful.  And I was thinking about how that works.  Now I’m sure many people have their tips to a long and happy relationship, and of course, some relationships won’t work, and it’s sad when that happens.  It’s a part of life.

Now I’m only 27, with not much life experience, but I think, one of the most important things is to never stop saying the words.  Never stop telling them you love them, or that they’re beautiful, or good looking, or funny, or clever, or a great cook, or a soul mate, or your best friend; whatever it is that made you fall in love with them.  Because we all need to hear the words from time to time, no matter how old we get, how many times they’ve been said before or how long we’ve know each other.

And this, I’ve learnt, applies to friends too.  Never forget to tell them when they’re looking hot, or pretty, or remind them of the reasons you love them, the special things they do that make them, them.  We all need to be reminded from time to time.



Best of Friends, Apollo Bay 2012

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