#63 The best nights are the unexpected ones

The unexpected phone call:  ‘Can you come to the cinema in half an hour?’.  The night you didn’t get in to the place you wanted, and ended up making a whole load of new friends in a bar across the street or the time you popped over to your friend’s house for a cuppa and ended up chatting half the night.

When an evening out plan seems to have gone wrong, instead of getting upset and thinking everything’s ruined, look for the opportunity.

One of my favourite nights took place in Melbourne.  Me and my friends had no plans, not much money (the Australian exchange rate cripples your bank account) and were wondering around Melbourne, looking for some kind of opportunity.  We stopped to listen to some musicians playing on the side of the street.  They were AMAZING.  We loved their music so much, we started to dance.  Before long some other people joined us, and then some more, and then some more.  Soon there were a whole crowd of us dancing and singing on the side of the street.  It was amazing.  Eventually we sat down for a chat.  Their names were Bobz and Candy and their band name was Colourful Blac.  They let Briony play a set on their guitar.  It was one of the best evenings we spent in Melbourne.  We’ve stayed in touch and now Bobz and Candy are played on MTV, (their music is truly beautiful, I’ll play you some one day.)

The second night that springs to mind was the night your mum, myself and our friend Hannah got turned away from a club for being underage when we were 17.  Gutted, we retired to Hannah’s house with two bottles of blue WKD and a few big bags of crisps.  We ended up playing made-up-word scrabble in our pyjamas and possibly had just as much fun as if we’d have got in to the club, maybe more.

So take a chance on that last minute offer, don’t give up when your plans go wrong, leave the house even if you’d planned a night in (not always, but if you’re on the fence, I’d say go!)  It all links back to that old saying ‘Be prepared to be surprised.’

You can listen to Colourful Blac here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug-CWo492iw


Sydney 2012.  Another surprise night spent in a lock in in a record store wit my dear friend Briony…and then by chance we ended up being the only people at The Sydney Opera house at 6am, watching the sunrise.  Magic.  Yes, we’re wrecked.  Hence we look slightly unhinged.  We haven’t been to bed for days.


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