#64 Just because a shot costs 50p, you don’t have to have ten

We live in a world where excess is often celebrated; seen as a luxury, or a marker of success.

Learn to take what you need, not more just because it’s available.

I learnt this lesson the hard way.  When I was seventeen, a night out at Coventry’s grimiest club, The Colly, was always a sweet opportunity, least of all because the shots were 50p each.  I took this as meaning I could have as many as I wanted because the price was right.  Of course I couldn’t.  I ended up passing out, so drunk that I thought I couldn’t breathe.  My friends were worried and I missed work the next day.

Learn to listen to your body,  enjoy everything in moderation.  Sometimes appreciating a tiny espresso for it’s smoothness in flavour can be far more enjoyable than trying to plough through a venti latte, just because you had enough cash for one (I have yet to finish a venti on the two times I’ve had them).   Both shops and society will try to convince you that you ‘need’ more than you actually do.  My advice is spend a little bit more on a little bit less, source quality over quantity.

Also take time to consider the ethics behind your consumerism; I am getting better at this as I get older.  I’m very careful now with my supermarket purchasing, generally going for organic and greener products, especially looking for things sourced from local farmers. With clothes I’m becoming a lot hotter on where I can buy from and know that manufacturers have been paid a fair wage.

Whatever it is, don’t buy loads of it because you have the money to.  Consider if you really need it, and try not to waste.  We are a society with a hunger for consumerism, devouring all that we can; we live in a throw-away world that simply isn’t sustainable, take only what you need.  And whatever you do, I would advise never drinking ten bright green shots in a row, especially not from the Colly.

(http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/buyersguides/clothing.aspx – Advice on ethical clothes buying)



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