#67 Spend quality time alone with yourself

There’s a fear we have, in our society, of being a ‘loner’.  From the day we begin school we find ourselves immersed in our own crusade to win popularity and friendships.  It’s natural, it’s inherent in human beings, it’s a survival technique.  It’s a good thing.

As a result, our world is not much made to support the individual.  Holidays are sold targeting groups of friends, families or couples.  We are perpetually presented with the hedonistic ideal that we should have booming social lives, with the best friends, sharing the best conversations and jokes.  Our relationships should be picture perfect, we’re not encouraged to deviate away from this norm.  It’s okay to.  And it’s okay to not always be a part of the crowd.

Although you will no doubt have great, good friendships with many people, learn to enjoy your own company as well. Being comfortable with yourself is important, it gives you a chance to be you, just you, uninfluenced by others.  Take time think about the things you want to think about, and form your views independent of others. Celebrate your spirit and the things that make you, you.  No one will ever come as close to understanding you as you have the potential to understand yourself, spend a little time unlocking your soul and enjoying the company you find within.

Learn how to have fun on your own, because you can.  I just got back from a holiday on my own.  I was terrified before I left, partly because I’m a little bit accident prone, and partly because I was frightened I’d drive myself mad.  I didn’t, and after a couple of days I got very used to my company, pursuing my interests and generally having a lot of fun.

So make a little time for yourself, don’t be shy to go for dinner, or to the theatre, on holiday or just for a long walk.  Enjoy the pleasure of your own company, and who knows, you may forge a relationship that lasts a lifetime long!


Be bold, brave, adventurous and daring.  Don’t fear your company, you can have a great friendship with yourself!

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