#68 Crash Diets don’t work

Juice diets.  Slim Fast.  Soup diets.  Eat a pill instead of your lunch.  Smoothie diets.  South beach diet.  Lemonade diet.  Appetite suppressant pills.  Meal bar diets.

Mail order diets:  a freepost address and they’ll send you a powder you can mix with water three times a day to eat instead of real food; they promise you’ll drop 8lbs in the first week.

How did we get to this?  Ingesting bizarre concoctions which are neither delicious nor satisfying, and sometimes contain a whole loads of unnatural ingredients.

Somewhere, someone is getting really rich from each of these diets.

A diet that is designed to make you lose weight fast is not good for you.  A diet where you replace real food with a powdered or other alternative is not good for you.  It’s a huge strain on your body,  and could lead to health complications.

Firstly, do you need to lose weight?  If you have a healthy BMI* of between 18.5 and 25, no you do not need to lose weight.  If your not sure, ask your doctor, they can advise you on this.

If you are over a BMI of 25, then it is possibly in your best health interests to lose a little weight.  Lose the weight for health reasons, not image reasons, because you will be beautiful at any size (and without your make-up).

If you have a healthy diet, full of all the right things, you’ll be a healthy weight.  You don’t even have to cut out cake and crisps and chocolate.  Just make sure you’re not filling up on those things.  Everything in moderation is good.

If you embark on a diet that radically reduces your calories (especially a soup or broth diet), you’re likely to be very hungry most of the time.  Your body will begin to crave sugar and unless you have an iron will, chances are you may well cave end up eating more in than if you hadn’t have been on a diet.

Long term results of fad and crash diets are usually not successful, and chances are even if you lose a lot of weight quickly, you’ll put it back on again; especially as when you cut your calorie intake dramatically, your metabolism slows down, so when you start eating normally again your body struggles to burn off the calories it’s no longer used to.

Just, be sensible.  Loads of fruit and veg, a healthy balance of everything else and you’ll be fine.  Don’t risk your long-term health for short-term results, it’s simply not worth it.


Don’t feel guilty about the delights in life.  Enjoy them to the last bite.  If you have a positive guilt free relationship with these things, you can to enjoy them from time to time as a treat!
*BMI calculator


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