#70 Listen to music

Like, really listen.

Something wonderful happened to me this morning Lottie.  I was in a meeting with the theatre company I work with, and one of the members put on this beautiful piece of music and we just closed our eyes and listened.

How often is music used as background noise to our lives?  How often do we have it on whilst cooking, or walking to work, or whilst blogging?  I realised this morning that it’s been years since I just sat and listened to a piece of music; gave it my full attention and wasn’t just using it to fill the empty spaces in my day.

I found myself completely mesmerised; transported.  I was walking through a forest, I was lost in a fortress, I was flying and then walking by a river.  It took me away from here, it allowed me to be some place else; I entered a version of my dreamtime, and returned feeling as though I had been on an adventure, a refresher for my soul.  It was a great gift my friend gave me this morning.  It’s a busy old life, working, blogging, writing a book, socialising, but I made a promise to myself Lottie that every now and again I will gift myself ten minutes where I put on a piece of music and allow it to take me wherever it will, but to give it my full attention, and not just use it as background noise, maybe you could try it sometime too?

This was the piece we listened to this morning, it’s beautiful: https://soundcloud.com/awvfts


Making music in Hyde Park with lovely friends

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