#76 Try to see all sides of an argument

This weekend Lottie, was beautiful and sunny.  I spent much of it at my desk writing my first ever magazine article.  I was writing about something I felt really passionately about, something that a lot of people have an opinion on when you start talking to them about it.  I started off thinking I knew my argument well, and then as I spoke to more and more people the argument began to unfold.  I saw it from a whole load of different viewpoints and realised that I agreed with all of them.  So instead of writing about my original point of view, I included every possible argument I’d come across or could think of in my article.  I was grateful for the conversations I had that set me on new trains of thought.

Whatever the argument, you will be at the stronghold if you understand all sides of it.  Try to see it from the opposition’s viewpoint, even when you strongly disagree.  It will give you some perspective. Understanding the other side of an argument will also help you to knock it down when you need to.  

People will always have opinions, we can’t stop people from having opinions.  We can learn to put forward our opinions articulately, and to reason with their argument.  Life is rarely black and white there’s a whole load of grey.  There will be some arguments you’ll fervently disagree with, and will passionately fight out your corner.  And there will be some where you’ll find yourself more flexible on how your willing to see it.  Always try to understand it from the other side. This doesn’t mean you have to agree, not in the slightest.  It just means that you respect every person’s right to an opinion, no matter how wrong it seems (or is).  That’s all.



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