#77 Your mess = your responsibility

Nobody is so important that somebody else should clean up after them.  Some people are audacious enough to think that they are.  If you have rubbish, put it in the bin yourself.  If you’ve been to a self-service restaurant and there’s a bin for you to clear away, do it. Or take your glasses back to the bar when you’ve finished drinking.

One of my biggest bugbears in life are the people that don’t clean their rubbish away from the train or in a restaurant or bar, excusing themselves with the incredibly thin: ‘That’s what they pay the cleaners for.  If I didn’t leave my rubbish, they wouldn’t have a job.’ FYI, if I ever hear this, I go mad!  And you will bear the brunt of my full rage.

IF everybody took their rubbish with them, then the people cleaning the trains or the restaurant would not be out of a job, that much I can assure you, there will still be lots for them to do.

I used to work in a café.  People use to leave some pretty gross things on the tables.  Yes, it was my job to clean up.  But also, there were bins everywhere.  I didn’t want to deal with their snotty tissues, child sucked-and-spat-out sweets or regurgitated baby food any more than they did (told you it was gross).

Your mess is nobody’s responsibility but your own.  You made it you deal with it.



In charge of a cafe… eeep.

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