#82 Don’t judge others by your standards

Last year I took two friends to another friend’s house.  Let’s call them Barbara and Judith.  I took Barbara and Judith to Penny’s house.  (Those are not their real names).  Penny had left her washing airing in the living room, pants, bras, etc.  I hadn’t even properly noticed until I caught a glimpse of Barbara and Penny raising their eyebrows at one another, and it was so… unattractive.  I was angry with them, Penny had invited everyone in to her house, been more than hospitable, and they were raising eyebrows at her drying undies.

Let’s get this straight.  We all have different standards, of everything in life.  Some of us have immaculately dusted houses, and some of us don’t mind a few bread crumbs scattered here and there.  Some of us organise our papers in to plastic wallets and pleasingly snap them into A4 ringbinders, with clear dividers for each section.  Whereas some of us pile up papers on our desks, (and floors), mostly knowing their exact location when we need them.  Some of us love to cuddle up with our cat, whist some of us can’t think of anything more gross than letting an animal crawl all over us.  Some of us are happy campers, needing only a bottle of mineral water and a toothbrush to see us through a week in the great outdoors, and some of us shudder at the thought of leaving our four-star hotel room with air-con and 68 TV channels (does anyone actually watch TV on holiday?)  Just because we don’t understand somebody else’s system, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong, or we are better.  Just because we have different expectations of how we could keep our houses, or how we could holiday, not everyone has to do the same as us.

And yes, there may come a time when you’re going on holiday with your friends and you have to fight to persuade everyone that taking your tent in to the wilderness will be the best holiday ever!  That’s okay, but it’s about attitudes, and how we approach and discuss other people’s views on things.

Remember, even if you do look at someone and think ‘Oh my goodness, I could NOT live like that!’ Hurrah – you don’t have to.  You live your own way, how you choose.  Whatever everyone else is up to is none of your business. Judgmental, raised eyebrows are not that attractive, but tolerance is beautiful.

“There are as many ways to live in this world as there are people in this world, and each one deserves a closer look.” – Ole Golly, Harriet the Spy.




Camping 2006.  Tolerating (but not happy about) nap time.

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