#89 Choose a good fake name for emergencies

Lanzarote, 2005.  (We’ve visited there before in this blog)  We’re having a smashing time.  We’re in a bar one night and have attracted some unwanted male attention. (Hurrah!) On exiting, they ask for our names.  Without missing a beat I reply ‘Emma’ and she replies ‘Natalie.’  and then we ran off giggling, ignoring as they shout after us.

We decided we rather liked these new names, and I can’t lie, there have been a couple of times since that I’ve been grateful for having a fake name at the ready, not for anything criminal, just when put on the spot and not wanting to give my real name (heh, like when I first started using the internet and thought that if I typed my real name in to things, people would be able to find out where I lived and kidnap me – I’m over that now.)  I’m just saying, it’s great to have a pseudonym up your sleeve for whatever circumstances may arise!



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