#92 It’s almost never too late to say thank you

People will help you throughout life. They will. Because on the whole, people have good hearts. Kind hearts.

Something I’ve learnt (especially recently) is that sometimes you may not be aware of just how much someone is helping you at the time they’re doing it. It may be years later that you realise the teacher that went that extra mile to support you, got you further ahead than you ever imagined. Or that friend that listened to you, when you really needed to be heard, offered you just the advice you needed – but it didn’t come in to play until a couple of years later.

I just think that in those situations, it’s a great good thing to track them down and thank them. With the boom of the internet, it is easier to find people than ever before. It’s a good idea to do so as soon as you realise though, for none of us will be here forever.

Saying thank you is a mark of acknowledgement, respect and gratitude towards that person – for none of us get to the places we’re going all by ourselves. I often feel that life is all about catching and being caught. We fall in to the hands of others who help us, and in turn we can catch people in our hands and help them – and often we’re simultaneously holding one another – this too we don’t always realise. Some people believe it’s chance whose hands we fall in to, I believe it’s fate – we fall to the hands we’re supposed to and there are lessons to be learnt from all.  But that is not to say we have no control over this.  We very much do.

So send that thank you letter / email / text today – or call.  Even if it feels like the moment’s passed, I can guarantee it hasn’t.

That momentary thought you have from time to time of ‘I’m grateful for [whoever] for [whatever they did]’, acknowledge it, act on it and say thank you, you won’t regret it.


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