#95 Hold some back

This was actually just going to be a post about parties and gatherings, but I was just out swimming (when I do all of my best thinking) and I think it’s good to apply to life too!

When you’re having a party, always hold some of the food back in the kitchen.  That way if anyone arrives late, you can put fresh plates out.  It also means you can re-stock half way through and are less likely to run out. The same with dinner parties, make sure there’s extra in the kitchen, should anyone want seconds, or in case a surprise guest turns up.

Also, keep a spare bottle of wine or two hidden.  Then if it’s turning in to one of ‘those’ nights (which it so often does), you have them on hand and won’t be disappointed.  

Now, metaphorically speaking, there are times it’s good to hold a little of yourself back.  Not always or with everything, but sometimes.  I think it’s good to hold some energy back, in your reserves.  I tend to have a fairly full schedule.  I like to do things a little bit to the max, and occasionally burn out.  My problem is that I usually have everything in hand, but then a surprise thing, will come along, and I’ll burn out trying to fit everything in.  So what I’m gradually learning to do is reserve a little time and energy for those surprise things that come along, so I can say ‘yes’ when I really, really want to do them.  By holding back a tiny amount day by day, I can propel myself forward in those times that I need to.  I can’t explain it better than that.  Sorry.  It’s such a new thought still.  We’ll chat about it sometime.


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