#100 Christmas Eve is ours

Always and forever.

In 2004 you ma and I started a tradition.  A yuletide tradition.  I was 18 and she was 16.  We were in 101 Dalmatians at Playbox Theatre.  There’s always a show there on Christmas Eve at 11am, and without a doubt it’s the best day of the year.  After the show, we went down to Spoons, just the two of us, got fairly drunk on blue cocktails, exchanged gifts, had a 5 o’clock dinner then went home for Christmas.

The following year we did it again, same thing, but a couple more people joined us.  We started to do it every year, even after we’d both gone away to university – the one thing that never changed was that we still always met on Christmas Eve at the theatre, to watch the show, then go for a few drinks and have dinner in Warwick afterwards.  Each year more and more people would join our party, and two years ago (Chrism 2012)  I counted 25 people at our table, and your mum and I shared a quiet, proud moment of ‘we started this.’  Hurrah!

And then last year came.  Your Mum’s due date (with you) was the 12th December.  She was adamant that you would either be born long before Christmas eve , so you could both come and celebrate the special day, or she would hold on until after.  But you had other plans.  At around 8am on 23rd Dec I got a text – ‘I don’t think I’,m going to make it to Christmas Eve this year.’  Huge excitement, you were on the way, after all these months we would finally get to meet you.  Hurrah.  Perhaps you’d be a Chrism-eve baby!  I can’t really remember the rest of the 23rd / Christmas eve, I was mostly on my phone, waiting for updates.  We heard nothing all day, or evening.

At 3am on Christmas morning my phone rang.

“She’s here!”  Your mum (a little high on hospital drugs)  called to share the news (I’m SO grateful and glad that she did.)  We had a chat, I had a little cry, and two days later, I got to meet you.  Our Christmas miracle.  

This year will be our 10 year anniversary of the Chrism-Eve celebrations, ah little Lottie, I can not wait to introduce you to our Christmas tradition, and all of the people that make it so special.  And this year, we have one more incredibly special thing to celebrate! YOU!

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Us:  Then and Now

the people we love

Christmas People

More Christmas People

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