#103 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a chance to start again.  To know yourself better, to make different mistakes, to be better, to think different thoughts- to be different to who you were today.

They say tomorrow never comes, but for now, tomorrow always comes.  So at the end of each day, celebrate the victories, no matter how small, draw a line under the mistakes and the things you thought might have been, but weren’t.  Shake away the unmet expectations, the niggles with yourself, the niggles with others.  You can even draw a line under your thoughts… tomorrow you might find yourself thinking differently to today.  Tomorrow you will be a different person, maybe only slightly, you may not even notice the shift.  You are evolving, transient, you’re a work of art that will never be quite finished. As the days pass, so does the landscape of your soul, so do the thoughts and worries that dip in and out of your head.  Some of the little things that mattered today will disintegrate in the night time, gone by morning.  Some of the bigger things won’t, but maybe you’ll find a new way to approach and adapt to them.

As the moon rolls over and the sun bowls in, nestling through the curtains, in those moments before you open your eyes and pick up from where you left off, remember:  Tomorrow is here.  Today you know more than you did yesterday.  Today you can do great, good things and you can do them differently to how you’ve done them before.  Today is your day.  You’ll never be this young again, this day will never come again, take it and run, and whatever happens with it, there will always be another tomorrow.  

Tomorrow’s can by no means fix everything, some things are unfixable by anything other than time.  But for the niggly, silly, rubbish, annoying days, tomorrow may be your greatest ally.

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