#107 Walk without purpose

I dare you.

I double dare you.

Wake up one morning with no set agenda. Leave the house with no plan and no place to be. Have no time limit, set no expectations and see where your feet take you.

Walk with a friend. Walk alone. Walk in a big group. Enjoy the company, share your best stories.

Explore, unearth, discover.

Look up more than you usually do. Look closer to the ground than you ever have before. Catch the different smells on the breeze as the landscape shifts. Stop for lunch and order something you wouldn’t normally have.

Note what it feels like to be free from time, free from an agenda, following only your instincts and inquisitions. Let curiosity be your guide, wake up to what’s around you. Walk in foreign cities or around your home town. Walk without leaving your street.

Walk until your lungs are full of fresh new air from wide open spaces.

Walk until your head is full of brand new ideas and much improved old ones.

Walk until your heart is full of new excitement, or is reminded of old excitement that you haven’t felt for ages.

Walk until that thing you’ve been stuck on becomes a little less sticky.

Walk until your boots feel tight and your soul feels lighter.

Drift with the landscape, inspect the landscape, intersect the landscape.  

Walk for ten minutes, walk for a day. Find something new.

Walk without purpose, let purpose find you.

Photo: Can't take the credit off Mikel Perry for this wonderful photo, but it's my fave :-) x

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