#109 The Night of Confessions: Our gift to you

“Tonight is the night of confessions… I once shop lifted a purple eye shadow…”

Your ma and I once invented a thing called ‘The night of confessions’.  It’s an evening where you get together with your best friend/s, drink some alcohol (or tea if you’d rather) and confess all the stuff you always wanted to, but were scared to / weren’t brave enough to / never got round to.

The rules are that the night stands alone.  Anything discussed may not be discussed again outside the night of confessions, unless the revealer (the person confessing) chooses it to be so.

You’re not allowed to judge people on their confessions, you just listen… then discuss.

The other rule is that every sentence must begin with ‘Tonight is the night of confessions…’ and then you can reveal your confession.  It may be something you think, or feel, are worried about, want to admit to or get off your chest.  It may just something hilarious.  Although we used to find it great fun, it was also a vehicle for us to share all of the stuff we were scared to talk about normally.

So I guess the moral of this post is choose good friends that you can confide in, and if you ever need a Night of Confessions to do so, then employ that, it’s a gift from us to you.  But do what works for you.  It’s been years since we had a Night of Confessions as now we can talk about all the stuff without needing that safety net, but once it served a very valid purpose.  Talking is good.  Sharing is good.  Getting things off your chest is good.  Don’t bottle things up, and be sure to share with the right people, those you truly trust. 

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