#110 Always write achievable things on your to do list

You can only do what you can do in a day, no more, no less.

You may be nothing like me Lottie, but I always have a never ending to do list.  Some of the things on there are big huge to-dos (get an acting job, finish writing my book) and some are smaller (Send CV to Old Vic, buy a stamp.)  By the end of the day I’ve usually achieved about a quarter of the things on my to do list. 

It occurred to me a while ago that sometimes reaching the end of the day without reaching the end of my to do list resulted in me feeling a bit like I failed.  Firstly, I didn’t fail.  And I realised that it’s important to focus on all of the stuff I did do, and not all of the stuff I didn’t do.  Secondly, I realised how satisfying it it crossing things of the list, so now I always put at least three very achievable things on my to do list, thirty second long jobs that need doing and can be done with minimal brain power.  (Tidy stack of papers on desk)

It may sound pointless or stupid, but I find these little jobs really help me keep momentum through my day.  They fit nicely between the bigger jobs and make me feel like you’re storming through.

I’m very aware I’m a task-demon.  I like getting through stuff,  it makes me feel as though I’m getting somewhere.  You may not be like this at all.  But feel free to give it a try sometime, I love reaching 6pm and ploughing down my to do list with a fat black marker pen, it’s a smashing feeling.  


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