#117 Register with a GP

As soon as you leave home or move house to a new area, one of the first things you MUST do is register with a doctor, don’t leave it until you get sick.  How do I know this?  Because every single time I move house (fifteen times in the last ten years) I do not register with a new doctor, and I either end up having to do a two hour trek to my old doctors, go in to the nearest surgery and plead with them to let me register and see a doctor, or spend four hours waiting in a walk in centre. None of these are fun when you’re poorly.

The stupid thing is, it takes no time at all to register.  All you need is some ID and proof of address (tenancy agreement often works for me) you fill in a form and shazam!  You’re registered.  You’ll need your NHS number, which you can get by ringing up your previous Drs surgery. (I’m pausing here to make a small wish that there is still an NHS for you by the time you’re 18. )

I recently met a receptionist, who was secretly a dragon in disguise and seemed to enjoy being unkind to sick people.  She was determined that I would not see a doctor, despite the fact I was in moderate pain and very concerned.  She told me I was stupid for not registering beforehand.  She was right, but it was the wrong time for her to tell me off.  In the end I cried and she changed her mind, but it was a lot of hassle over something that I could have prevented.

I urge you Lottie, register with your nearest GP asap.  This applies to YOU too, even if you’re not Lottie, if you’re reading this and not registered with a GP, do it.  Do it now.


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