#121 Your health is always worth the time and money

I’m getting older Lottie…  My eyes are getting worse, I have a mildly dodgy heart, and my spine has started doing this weird poppy-thing, which it never used to.

And up until now I’ve been my own worst enemy because I’m rubbish at going to the doctors / opticians / dentists.  I’ve always made excuses, like saying I can’t take time off work, or that I’m too busy, or I don’t have enough money to pay the optician / dentist fee.  And then on Tuesday I had a very serious talk with myself, because actually, heath needs to come first.  And the time and money invested in it are never time or money wasted.  So, I’m now booked in to the opticians next Tuesday, and I’m dead excited because I’m getting an ultra-sound on my heart soon – just as a precaution, but it’s still important and I’ll get to see my heart, which I’m excited about, but I think might be kind of weird.

Lottie, you only get one you… your body is a vehicle, to transport you through life.  Treasure it. Look after it, because it has so much to do, so far to travel, many places to go and people to meet.  Although heath seems like the last thing on your mind as your sliding along that frantic razor blade of life, making time for health now will generate more benefits later on.  True Story.

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