#128 Throw Surprise Parties for People

Oh Lottie, the joy in throwing surprise parties for people is monumental.  My oh my, and back in our day your mum and I were the surprise party gurus.  We were the queens of the pre-party fibs, the delicious birthday buffets, and the personalised cakes.  It’s so much fun throwing surprise parties, so here are a few tips from us:

1.  Surprise parties MUST be reserved for friends that will not freak out. Most friends will be a little embarrassed, shocked or even tearful at le grande reveal, that’s fine, but there are a few among us that would HATE a surprise party.  Respect them, don’t throw them a surprise party.

2.  Personalise a cake.  I’ve made cakes of people’s faces.  Their cars.  The Birmingham International Airport maglev.  Everything really.  If you haven’t got time to make a whole cake from scratch, buy one from the shop and personalise it by printing out a picture of that person, sellotape it to a cocktail stick and whack it in the top of the cake.  Boom, personalised cake!

3. Play games like you used to when you were a kid:  musical bumps, musical statues, pass the parcel.  etc.  Be sure to have prizes!

4.  Other cool things you can do:

A piñata (I will blog instructions on how to make one of these as soon as I have figured out how.  The last one we made was unbreakable.)

A limbo competition

Hide and seek in the dark

Pin the tail on the donkey (Or pin the hat on the birthday person, of you can get a giant picture of them.)

5.  If you’re musical you could write a song about them and sing it.

6. If you’re theatrical you could make a short play about them and perform it.

7.  Make an old school party buffet.  You know the kind – little triangle sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, hula hoops.  Be sure to include some of their faves.

7.  Enjoy, relish, cherish and revel in creating the lie… it is one of the only times it is truly acceptable to tell the biggest, greatest whoppers in order to keep the surprise a surprise.

So get planning, get creative and have fun.  Hope your friends are prepared to be surprised!



 Juliet’s Surprise party 2006.

Amazing evening.


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