#129 Unpack all of the boxes when you move house

I am TERRIBLE at this one, the past few times I moved house I had a couple of boxes that remained unpacked for the duration of my stay in those places.  I moved in to my current house a year ago and unpacked the final box this week.  It felt momentous, a statement – I’m here!  And I was annoyed at myself for not having unpacked fully in to other houses.

I sort of feel that your spirit isn’t truly settled in a place until the last box is unpacked.  Material goods are by no means everything, but, as a species who collect things, carry them around with us and load them with meaning and memories, they are important – and I like honouring that.

There’s something important about our homes – keeping them cosy, warm  and in an order we understand offers us a space where we can hide away from the rest of the world and all it brings.  Not that the things the world throws at us are all bad, but having a space we can go to, take stock of it all and recuperate until we next face it is very important. And it’s our bits and pieces, our books, trinkets and memories that make a space ours.  So go full steam ahead and unpack those boxes!  It feels great once the last one’s been emptied.

uncle dan boxes

The time Uncle Dan and Jamie helped me unpack, and then we used the boxes to sled down five flights of stairs.  Very fun, not massively safe.

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