#132 If you ever get mugged, throw your purse…

I (touch wood) have not yet been mugged – ignoring the attempted but failed mugging in Camberwell 2013, but that’s another story.

First rule of muggings – handover the goods.  Don’t risk your safety for a phone or purse which can be replaced.

When I’ve travelled abroad, I’ve often had a mugging purse.  That’s a purse I keep to hand with a bit of cash in. so that in the event of a mugging I can hand it over, while the ‘real’ money is stashed elsewhere.  Travellers are known for carrying a lot of cash, so be weary when on your holidays as you may be more of a target than when you’re at home.

Not so long ago I heard a mother imparting a life lesson to her daughter on the streets of Norwood Junction.  At first I was sad that we live in a world where we have to warn our eight year olds about muggings and what to do if or when they happen.  But, we do – this world is our truth, so rather that ignoring the things, let’s talk about them.  The mother’s life lesson was that if you’re ever mugged, throw your purse a distance from yourself.  That way the person has to move away from you to get it, buying you some time to get away from the situation.  In most cases they will just be after your stuff. Obviously ALWAYS judge the situation, but to me, this seemed a practical thing that I would not have thought of.

This post isn’t supposed to scare, or be pessimistic on life, just remember to keep yourself safe Lottie.  Take well lit routes at night, and busy ones if possible.  Don’t keep phones / purses on display, especially if you’re by yourself.  Don’t take any risks – if something feels a bit wrong, listen to your intuition.

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