#135 Girls get moustaches

And beards.

We do. It’s normal! If you have darker hair, you may notice it at a younger age. It’s common for women to develop more facial hair during their mid 20s+ or during pregnancy, or at any other point for no apparent reason. And it’s absolutely okay!

I thought I’d explain this, because last year I noticed more ‘tache than ever before and thought I had something wrong with me. But following extensive internet research and conversations with friends, it is normal!

So embrace the face (hair)!

Some women choose to yank it out or shave it, some let it go free. Whatever you go with will be the right decision, as long as it’s a decision you’ve made yourself!

Women are hairy! Hair is okay. Hair is great. Don’t let the media lead you to believe it’s repulsive, and that you should consistently be a plucked chicken. Sometimes life is far too exciting to be tweezing.

Hair just a part of you. And remember that thing about you being a miracle? Even your hairs are miracles. Hurrah!


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