#136 People aren’t mind-readers

If someone’s done something wrong, or has upset you in some way, the best thing to do is tell them. They may not have realised they’ve upset you – there’s nothing worse than being given the cold shoulder and not knowing why. By telling them it opens up an opportunity for you both to talk about it, more often than not you may find that they’re mortified that they upset you, or maybe not. But if you don’t mention it, you’ll never know.

Honour yourself by addressing someone if they have offended or upset you in some way, If you don’t you may find your own anger steadily rise, or that you start to build a case against them (building up cases against people is never a good thing).

Addressing these things can be incredibly challenging, I know! But in the long run it can restore relationships and help all parties to grow.

This life lesson also applies to if you want something – don’t expect people to divinely know what’s going on in your head. Ask for it. Precisely describe what it is you’re after.

And remember you’re not a mind reader either. Never feel bad in situations where someone was expecting something from you, and you didn’t deliver because they hadn’t clearly stated it.


One thought on “#136 People aren’t mind-readers

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