#137 There are no winners or losers in break ups


Break-ups are sad, but inevitable, and whether the relationship has been a good one, or a bad one – or a mix, each break up is an opportunity to learn and grow.

When you leave a relationship, particularly a difficult one, it sometimes becomes a game of winning or losing.  Who is doing better? Who looks healthier, who is having more holidays, more fun?  Whose friends are being the most supportive?  And now in the days of social media, this can become a dangerous game.

Of course you should have fun after a break up (and all the rest of the time too). But it doesn’t need to become this game. Nor is it healthy if it does. It’s not about winning, or losing – it’s about finding your new path and setting out on it boldly and bravely. Steer clear of it, focus only on yourself and your loved ones, and move on.



2 thoughts on “#137 There are no winners or losers in break ups

  1. I always love your posts (and wish they had been around to read when I was growing up), but this one had me nodding so much that I actually got dizzy. So familiar, and stellar advice (as always)

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