#139 Give to give

And not to receive.

Christmas is a funny old time Lottie.  It’s wonderful and brilliant, but it’s also become very expensive, and there are certain strands of Christmas etiquette which can put a lot of pressure on some people.

Something important to remember is that if you are giving, always give to give, without the expectation of receiving back.  And if you do, it’s a bonus! Give because you have found something perfect for the person you’re giving to, or because you wanted to show your love or appreciation to them.  Gifts don’t have to be big or grand.  Yesterday you and your mama gave me some homemade chutney, oatcakes, fudge and gingerbread (I don’t know where she finds the time!) It was a wonderful. Small, thoughtful and homemade gifts are just as valid (if not more) as big, expensive ones.

And if you don’t have time to make something, just go for a drink with those you love, or watch a movie.  The gift of your time is a precious one.  To spend an hour with you is a marvelous thing, and don’t underestimate that.

Try not to get too caught up in the worry and stress of giving big, expensive gifts to people.  And if someone has got something for you, and you haven’t for them, don’t panic or feel guilty.  Just express your gratitude.  It honestly is enough, and if it isn’t, then perhaps the person giving wasn’t giving for the right reasons.



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