#141 Always keep enough in your account for an airfare to Cambodia…

Or if not that, then a few hundred quid to pay for your laptop when it suddenly breaks, or for that winter electricity bill that you weren’t expecting to be so high,  or for when your friends suddenly announces they’re getting married in Turkey and you really want to go, or for when your car unexpectedly dies, or to go towards the unexpected costs on moving house (estate agents always add a hefty fee that you’re not quite prepared for), or for insurance (on various things), or to cover your sick leave if you get the flu and have to take two weeks off work (and don’t get sick pay.)  I suppose this blog is really just a warning of all the unexpected costs that have bitten me in the bum and royally screwed me over across the years.  I’m now pledging to try and find that extra to put aside, whether that means searching extra hard for work, giving up booze or shopping around more to get better deals.

I didn’t know whether or not to write about money, it feels like unsturdy ground and it’s different for everyone.  Some people are naturally really thrifty, for some people owing to income and situation, it’s just impossible, and so I’m writing this respecting that everyone has different experiences.  I could also take my own advice on this better.  But, if at any point in life you have the opportunity to save up that little pot and put it to the side, I’d recommend it.  You won’t regret it, it’ll make something that could be suddenly stressful, less stressful. I just used mine to pay off my tax.  So now I start saving again.  It may mean you’re a bit skint while you’re saving (or you may have a really good job and not live in London, so it might not be an issue at all.)  I can guarantee, when that big, annoying, expensive thing happens, you’ll be ready for it.

I sometimes sit and look out over Croydon, at night time I can see the planes as they line up, climbing up, up and away from Gatwick:  bright lights heading straight towards us until they curve off in whichever direction they’re heading.  I love my home.  The people here.  But each time I see those planes heading off to a million different places, a little part of me wishes I could go too.  Somewhere far away.  As much as I love my home and my jobs and my tribe, sometimes the going gets tough, and I figure, if it ever gets too tough, then having an airfare to Cambodia would not be a bad thing.*

Cambodia is always my plan D… if Plan A goes tits-up, then there’s usually a plan B.  And if plan B goes tits-up, then it’s wise to have a well thought through Plan C.  But if plan C goes tits up…then I’ll head off to Cambodia (as long as I’m not about to replace my laptop / insurance / phone bill…. gah).

Until then, you’ll find me in Croydon.  Probably filling in my tax return.

2015/01/img_4276.jpg*Not advocating running away from problems.  I’m a huge advocate for dreaming though.


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