28th December 2013

Dear Lottie,

Hurrah, you’re here!  And you most certainly made this a Christmas to remember.   Thank you, you are now my niece, by friendship not blood, but it stands just as strong.

I went shopping on the 23rd December (while you were imminently arriving) and tried to find you a Christmas present.  The thing was, you already had a million soft toys, baby grows and other baby related necessities.  I wanted to give you something with a bit more weight.  Something a bit more lasting.  Which is why we’re here.  I’ve been friends with your mum for over ten years now, and for the first year of your life, I shall share with you some useful lessons we learnt along the way, for after ten years, we have learnt quite a bit about this strange old life.  So, if you’re ready, then here we go Lottie Mia, one year’s worth of life advice to you from me.

Yours with love,

Auntie Spudge

(I promise to explain my ridiculous nickname at some point in this blog.)


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